Who else is going Crusader at launch?

  • I've had my Wizard since D3 launch day. Anyone remember Act 2/Belial on Inferno back in 2012? I still have nightmares.

    Anyway, spamming Frozen Orbs and Arcane Torrents is getting real old & real boring. Is anyone ignoring the 'Crusaders will be weak' on launch and going hard?

    Even if we are weak, every gamer knows how a 'weak' class goes in a Blizzard game. You're weak for awhile, then you wake up one Tuesday and all of a sudden you see a nice buff and everyone's playing Crusaders :O)
  • I'm going to wait to play my Crusader until I have a very large collection of Nephalem Rift Keystone Fragments, and then I plan on leveling up my Crusader in nothing but Nephalem Rifts. There's no good reason to do this mind you, but why not?