• where u guys been? o: so quiet and not posting at all xD
  • 03/05/2014 05:13 PMPosted by Nel
    Usually, periods of silence by the community manager team means that events are being organized, blog posts are written and other stuff. It has happened quite a few times, and given the immanent launch of the expansion, it's hardly surprising that communication has slowed down.

    That's pretty much been the case. I've personally been tasked with things like patch notes, upcoming blogs, and some other projects that take a lot of time to plan and coordinate. It's a lot to juggle, and unfortunately, it makes it tough to spend as much time on the forums as I'd like.

    I've been poking around here and there, doing some quiet moderation and reading where I can, but there's plenty of due dates looming so those sort of things have to take priority. We're here! We've just got a lot going on. :)