Urgent - Not Safe in Town with Unity Ring

  • http://i.imgur.com/B0KtsXt.jpg

    Someone else posted this in the Hardcore forum an hour ago. Apparently, you aren't safe even in town if you're wearing the new Unity ring.

    I don't have the ring, but would have guessed that it has a radius of effect and doesn't work in town. In its current state, It is just asking to be used for griefing.

    Perhaps the effect should be made to extend only as far as Strength in Numbers, and not work in town.
  • I've moved this thread over the bug report forums so the right folks can take a look into it. Thanks for the report!
  • Thanks for the reports about this everyone. We currently have a fix identified for this internally and it is looking likely that this will be deployed to the Beta/PTR as a hotfix. I can't promise specifically when that'll be out, but its something we are working on.currently.

    In the meantime, I'd advise that you simply avoid wearing this ring in multiplayer games if you are idling in town or otherwise not in a position to respond to the incoming damage.