Resetting quests doesn't reset boss legendary drop?

  • It says "Restarting will give you bonus rewards for completing quests!" but that doesn't include the guaranteed legendary drop the first time you kill an act boss.

    I think it should reset the boss drop. There should be a way to get a guaranteed legendary drop in the game other than leveling a whole new character.
  • Currently the game is designed to only give players a Legendary item the first time they kill a major boss, but you should find a Legendary item with some level of frequency after that. We recently made some changes to our system to help ensure players are finding those items. For reference, you can read a little more about that system in this post from Travis Day.

    02/07/2014 06:08 PMPosted by KirusAlufras
    boss drop only work for 1-59, so did you test it on low level character or a level 60?

    I did the a reset and spend 4 hr doing all 4 act and found
      Act1 = 3 legs
      Act2 = 0
      Act3 = 1
      Act4 = 0

    Out of curiosity, when did you do this test?