Everytime I open my inventory my game crashes????

  • Hi Everyone,

    Just letting you know that we are looking into this now. <Edit: Removing request for build number. I got what I needed from that, thanks!>

    Thanks for the reports and info so far.

    Also, I edited the title of this thread to remove the caps. Please do try to avoid posting threads or posts entirely in caps in the future. Thanks!
  • Thanks for providing the version numbers. I just wanted to double check to make sure you patched and weren't able to log in with the wrong game client version or something like that.

    We are still looking into this and I will update this thread if I get more information on a potential fix. Thanks for your patience and all of the reports so far!
  • Hi Guys,

    I wanted to take a quick minute and give you an update on this. We have currently identified the cause for this issue and have added this to our Known Issues list for this patch. However, we are currently unsure of the when or how a fix for this will be able to be delivered to the PTR to resolve this. For now, the best bet for a workaround is the following:

    Avoid viewing the tooltip for any items with this affix, as it will cause a crash.

    Avoid viewing a comparison tooltip that compares stats of the item you are viewing with an item that has this affix, as that will also cause you to crash. (this also explains why some people were crashing when viewing "any" belt, as it was actually your currently equipped belt that was causing the crash).

    We recognize this isn't ideal, but finding issues like this is why we have betas, and is part of the process. We really appreciate your reports about this so far. If you happen upon any other items or affixes that you can conclusively point to causing similar issues, please go ahead and make a post in this thread about it and we will take a look.

    Thanks again for your patience and reports!
  • Hi Everyone,

    Good news on this, it is looking like we will be applying a fix for this in an upcoming PTR/Beta patch. I can't make hard and fast promises about when that will be deployed, but it is looking like it is going to happen very soon.

    Thanks for your patience and all of your reports about this!