BUG items from last patch can't be rerolled

  • As far as I understand the change only pre 2.01 items (true legacy items) shouldn't be rerolleble. But I can't reroll any item pre the patch from 7.2.2014. Making all my "stored" set-items/legendarys worthless :(.
  • 02/06/2014 05:58 PMPosted by Jahor
    As far as I understand "legacy" in this case it only means items drobbed pre-2.01 becouse of the former 6 "primary stats" which are now split into "4 primarys + 2 secondarys".

    This would ordinarily be correct, however, due to the nature of this change, any items obtained on the PTR/Beta before today's patch are considered to be "legacy" by the game. This was an unavoidable side effect of this change and is considered to be intended.

    Any future items you get in the Beta/PTR and any items you obtain once 2.0.1 goes to live servers will be able to be enchanted.