PTR Bug Report

  • Here is a list of bugs found so far. If any of these were already mention, fine, it only indicates that the bug persists and can be repeated

      1) Cannot copy character even after 72Hours cooldown. Still get error Code 395017 2) Double Zoltan Kulle icons in Act 2 in story mode 3) Boneslag the Berserker, can bug: keeps stuttering while moving in one place and does no damage 4) Graphical bug, a line across screen appears when walking in the march near Crypt entrance in Fields of Misery Act 1 (Don't have it on live servers)5) Cant join any clan, getting error 319036, but the amount of clan members increases6) Fire wall in Keeps lvl 1 Act 3 visual animation keeps running at same phase 7) Found a two-hand bow with Int roll. (don have a screen-shot, accidentally salvaged it). But still, i find it odd as Loot 2.0 indicates a class specific items to roll that class specific main-stat. I understand that WD or Wizard can equip two-handed bows/crossbow (which is 0dd as well) but i think that was not intednded to work this way. (need more clarification)8) No legendary on the first kill the Azmodan 9) Elites with Waller affix place wall directly on character so character cant move10) Vortex affix on elites can affect elite it self
  • Hi CnyTHuK,

    While I appreciate the time you took to gather this list of bugs together, in the future we would appreciate it if you would make a unique thread for each separate issue you'd like to report, or reply to an existing thread about the issue you've encountered.

    For more information on what we are looking for in a bug report, please see the following thread: