Invulnerable monk

  • Where: Act V, Pandemonium Fortress Level 2
    What: Running bounty Kill Xaphane

    Who: A Monk
    Exploding Palm [Flesh is weak],
    Breath of Heaven [Blazing wrath],
    Blinding Flash [Faith in the light],
    Mantra of Evasion [Backlash],
    Way of the Hundred Fists [Blazing fists],
    Sweeping Wind [Cyclone]

    Attack a blue electrified plagued mob (well 3 of them) and BoH nor BF triggered (pressed a lot of times), yet standing in the poison puddles kicking and slapping their behinds even with 0.001 HP (have screenie) I did not die.

    It was very funny, and I don't know what I did to trigger it, but it should not be the case obviously.

    If I find out how to reproduce it, i'll edit in here.

    The game is a state, leaving/entering combat does not change it. HP Pot does regen life, Exploding Palm can still be applied, so is spirit regenner. The other skills do not trigger (at least not visually, and no message saying it is on cooldown). Fought a Winged Assassin blue mob this time.

    Changing areas via the map did not change this behavior.

    Standing in all elemental attacks at the same time did also not kill me, freezing explosions do not freeze me (and no dodge text is shown).
  • Hi Jaspis,

    What legendary items do you (or did you at this time) have equipped on the beta character that experienced this?
  • Garfunkel, can you give me a short list of legendary items your friends have equipped?
  • Thanks Garfunkel, that helps a lot!