Potential Abuse -- New Rift Death

  • After the Rift Guardian was killed three players TP'd out and a white mob came out which prevented me from TP'ing to town and blocked me from picking up my loot. Someone started a new rift and I lost the loot that was there and IT KILLED ME. My corpse was planted in town. Lost my extended shrines and pool bonus also. Had this been HC, I would have lost my character. When Player Killers figure this out it will wreak havoc.
  • Thanks for the report bucfan101, we are looking into this.

    To clarify though, you were killed by the monsters that you were fighting, not by being kicked out of the rift, correct?
  • 01/29/2014 12:19 AMPosted by BigGuns
    I thought the OP was quite clear: it was the new rift being opened that killed him.

    That's how it seemed, but I'd prefer not to assume things.

    Either way, we are actively looking into this now. If you guys happen upon any other reproducible steps or supporting information, keep it coming!
  • If any of you see this occur again, it would also be great if you could post a screenshot of your skill/buff bar and your open inventory so I can see what gear you have. It's possible a specific legendary effect combined with a specific player skill may be behind this.