All Level 60 Rares Crafted/Dropping have -level req on them

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    I did not expect this thread to get so much feedback, so I am going to update with all the information received as best as I can so it is condensed into the first post.

    The bug that has been observed since the latest PTR patch is that all level 60 items (does not seem to affect those lower) are dropping primarily with -level reduction property on them. Good estimate from my play testing has been roughly 85-90% of drops.

    Additionally, all items that are level 60 that are crafted are rolling very similar stats. I crafted approximately 10 bracers of intellect - all 10 had all res, int, and other similar properties. Same thing for chests, shoulders, and gloves I crafted as well.

    One additional thing I have noticed with all drops (again level 60 only) is that they can no longer seem to roll +STR/DEX/INT in combination with +VIT. The only drops I have seen with both are again those that are not level 60 to begin with (i.e. 59, 58, or 57 ilvl).

    Links to other threads (credit to Foliv57):

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    The last one have a good video to illustrate.
  • Got an update on this particular oddity, folks. =)

    This was actually an unfortunate byproduct of moving the -Level Requirement affix from a Primary to a Secondary stat. We didn't want Level Requirement to be competing with Primary stats such as Strength/Dexterity/Intelligence/Vitality. However, during this process, the weight by which this affix rolls didn't get updated, and as the pool for Secondary affixes is smaller, this has resulted in it appearing much more frequently than it should.

    This isn't intended, and we plan on addressing this in a future patch.
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    Thanks for the update, it seems somewhat more complex than just this as now many primary affixes such as core stats dont roll at all on items.

    This is a separate, but related, bug that we're also aware of and working on. =)
  • While I can understand your frustrations, I'd like to remind everyone that these issues are the exact reason we have the PTR. Extensive changes have been made to items over the past few months and these sorts of issues aren't just possible during software development, they are expected.

    While we would love to just snap our fingers and have all of these issues resolved, the reality is that we cannot hotfix everything. We expect that these issues should be resolved in a future PTR patch. Past that, I can't really provide too much more information.

    The last thing I want to touch on and remind everyone of is that this forum is for reporting bugs and providing supporting information on bugs encountered on the PTR. Complaints, demands for status updates, and generally unhelpful commentary aren't appreciated. If you have feedback, there are other venues for that. In this forum, I must insist that you remain on topic.
  • I am going to go ahead and lock this thread.

    As it stands, we are definitely aware of this issue and fixes are in place internally that will be hitting the PTR in the next PTR/beta patch (which we expect to release soon). Past that, there are no further updates to provide.

    Thanks for your patience and all of the reports about this.