Official Patch Notes?

  • Would love to get some of these sweet blue patch notes if possible(have read all data mined stuff on already)

    Thanks !
  • 01/16/2014 05:19 PMPosted by Moses
    Would love to get some of these sweet blue patch notes if possible

    They're currently available on the front page. =)
  • As an FYI I usually go directly to the forums and look at the stickies for updates. I too didn't go to the front page.

    Had a meeting that followed a little too quickly after the patch went live, so I haven't had time to add a sticky. I'll make sure that gets done tonight. =)

    01/16/2014 05:38 PMPosted by HandsomeNerd
    Also, error and or confusion in the patch notes:

    In both those cases, the damage values of those skills change when the rune is equipped. If the value is listed under a Skill Rune, that damage is for the ability when that Skill Rune is equipped.
  • 01/16/2014 05:52 PMPosted by HandsomeNerd
    Tool tip says it goes from 175% -> 200% with the rune, but how did it get from 135% -> 175%?

    I think you might be jumping between some unrelated numbers.

    As an example, in the previous patch, Weapon Throw without a rune did 115% weapon damage. This is the "base skill." With the rune Mighty Throw, it did 175% weapon damage.

    After the patch, these values are now 135% and 200% respectively. There is no increase from 135% to 175%.

    Thus - Weapon Throw (base skill) was increased from 115% to 135%. Hope that makes sense. =)