PTR-Only Bug: Level 60 Heroes Unable to Access Torment

  • We're currently investigating an issue where some level 60 characters are currently unable to access Torment difficulty on the PTR.

    Please note that this issue is only affecting PTR characters that were level 60 at the time that the most recent PTR patch ( went live. Sub-max level characters that hit level 60 after the patch will not be affected. Similarly, level 60 characters that are copied (or re-copied) over to the PTR after the patch will not be affected.

    Since this is a PTR-only bug, it’s not an issue that will ever affect the live client. Even so, this is something we believe we can address for PTR players via hotfix rather than a full patch, and are working on doing so right now. We do not have an ETA at this time for when that hotfix will be ready, but we'll be sure to update in this thread as more information becomes available.
  • 01/16/2014 02:23 PMPosted by LittleLucas
    I dont understand, it says PTR 2.0.1 is up but the version we have its, is that fine?

    Totally fine. :) The build number for the patch that actually goes live will be 2.0.1; these test patches, as a result, are numbered lowered.
  • Hey all,

    As an update, this issue should now be fixed. In order for the fix to take effect on your characters, however, you’ll need to complete a few simple steps.

      Step 1: Login with an account that has a level 60 character, but does not have Torment unlocked.

      Step 2: Enter any game with that level 60 character.

      Step 3: Leave that game.

      Step 4: Open up the difficulty selection screen. Torment should now be available.

    If you continue to experience issues after completing these steps, please let us know.