Set items need to be buffed.

  • The new 5 piece Natalya's gives cooldown reduction to Rain of Vengeance. That is cool, but I recently found out there's another legendary cloak that gives this very same affix. Which is quite a bummer because it just makes completing the set feel lackluster, when I could just equip that legendary for that straight up speciality affix.

    My point is: players are essentially giving up 3-5 slots for a particular set, which could have been equipped by other legendaries of exciting orange affixes. AND these makes set items lacking in comparison.

    In addition, complete set bonus in D2 was crazy, and even more delicious for the particular class that can only complete the set. With the notion of BoA, completing set will be much harder, hence the need for set items to be enticing and sought after. The bonus affixes should reflect that and be exclusive only to the set among all legendaries.

    This is one small example I visualised:

    Definitely could be better but it's just a brief showcase of what set items should be in this concept. Hopefully a blue could see this :)
  • I know I've said this before, but I'd like to reiterate that Set Items have been going through iteration behind the scenes. Not all of these changes have made it onto the PTR/Closed Beta just yet, but there's a bundle more of them coming in the next patch. =) As we approach the release of Reaper of Souls and more items are reviewed, you'll see them pop up for testing.

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    My point is: players are essentially giving up 3-5 slots for a particular set, which could have been equipped by other legendaries of exciting orange affixes. AND these makes set items lacking in comparison.

    Travis mentioned this during the Design a Legendary episode hosted by Twizzcast, but generally speaking the "crazier" Legendary bonuses are usually reserved for completing Set Bonuses. If something sounds really cool, but is a bit too much of a must-have for a single gear slot, then it's a better candidate for a Set Bonus. In the same right, we also need to be sure that the cool things you get for completing a Set are worth not being able to equip other Legendaries in some of those slots.

    In short, what you're asking for is already being kept in mind. As we go into the next patch, I definitely encourage you to give us feedback on Set Item bonuses, because if something feels like it needs improvement, we definitely want to know!
  • For the Tal Rasha set, might I recommend that the (5% more to skill) is changed to added fire damage/added cold etc to all attacks. This way all 3 of the bonuses will work and it becomes useful if you use the passive elemental exposure?

    I don't believe we've shared the full details on the revised Tal Rasha's set bonuses yet, so just to make sure we're talking about the same item, here's what the upcoming bonuses on this particular set will look like:

    (2) Set:
      Cold skills deal 5% more damage.Fire skills deal 5% more damage.Lightning skills deal 5% more damage.Arcane skills deal 5% more damage.

    (3) Set:
      +100 Resistance to All ElementsIncreases Arcane Power Regeneration by 2.00 per second.

    (4) Set:
      Damaging enemies with Arcane, Cold, Fire, or Lightning will cause a Meteor of the same damage type to fall from the sky. There is an 8 second cooldown for each damage type.

    The 4 Set bonus will work quite nicely with an Elemental Exposure build where you use varying elemental types across different abilities, as the cooldown for each type of Meteor is independent of the others. To really maximize this set's potential, you're encouraged to switch up your damage type, and the 2 Set bonus also encourages this style of play.

    This is a pretty good example of an ability that, on a single item, would be far too powerful and a bit of a no-brainer, but as a reward for a 4-piece, feels like an awesome perk to work toward and build around.

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    which feedback do you want on set item bonuses? if they are too weak or how we would set them and so on?

    If there are sets you think could use improvement or don't feel line up with the powers of other sets, please let us know! Suggestions are always welcome, but it's helpful to know if a particular item is widely being regarded as less desirable.

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