[My Bugs][EU][Updating] Total: 9+

  • 1. Environment bug - In Defiled Crypt
    Wall does not disappear. I think it's because two walls are to close to each other.
    p.s. I tried to record it using bandicam, but there was a crash...

    2. Ring Stone of Jordan
    a).Skill Error (Bola Shot) - Unknown Only Character:
    b). Cold damage on soj with Hungering Arrow and rune Spray of Teeth does not slow down the enemy.

    3. 70 lvl item for Lindon in loot was droped.

    4. Uber Bosses:
    a). Portals open in order. Should be random, if I'm not mistaken.
    b). Realm of Turmoil. The Savage Behemoth have very big reflect when comes big damage...
    с). Magda does not call minions when she under the shield.

    5. Puzzle Ring. I think that new affix must have counter...

    6. 17' and "Tip of the Day"

    7. Nephalem Glory did not updates if have 2-3 stacks.

    8. Unlimited white items is ok? Hard Difficulty. Hardcore

    9. Current play time is not correct when switching hero.
    http://i.imgur.com/MhYqq3c.jpg -ptr
    http://i.imgur.com/gXoij2X.jpg - live
  • Hi Coltovsky,

    In the future please don't bump threads, or create compilation threads listing all of the bugs that you found. These types of threads are typically very difficult for my team to track, and the issues you find may not be reviewed in as timely a fashion as they would have if you had simply created a new unique thread for each issue you have to report.

    For more information on what we are looking for in a bug report, please see the following sticky post: