Puzzle Ring is fixed. (previously absolutely worthless)

  • Super Edit: Thank you so much Blizzard! Only collecting 16 common items instead of 40 totally redeemed this ring. I happened to find another Puzzle Ring after the change was made and decided to re-test it because I had started this thread, previously accusing it of worthlessness.

    16 white items is manageable without being tedious in acts 1 and 3 for sure, have yet to test 2 and 4.

    My retesting was to play through parts of act 1 and 3 which had the highest number of weapon/armor racks. I killed all the monsters along the way/played the game normally. After 7 times of collecting the 16 white items my gobby finally dropped a legendary!!! During these runs I also had 4-5 legendaries drop from slain mobs.

    Now obviously this is a VERY small sample size and does not mean gobby's leg:rare drop rate is 1:7.
    But it does suggest A) that it's reasonable to expect a legendary from him at some point. B) That slaying monsters yields significantly more legendaries than puzzle ring/weapon rack farming which means that it's not exploitable.

    Again, thank you so much CM's and Devs! You saved this item from wretchedness (^_^)

    I'm curious what the actual drop chance for a leg is with this ring. I won't have time to test it enough to get an average, and I doubt y'all would tell me.

    Anyone else have anecdotal evidence from the new Puzzle Ring gob?

    Original Post: I was super pumped when this dropped, but it quickly became apparent that I would never find enough white items to feed my gob pet :/

    I did some limited testing:

    He only picks up white/grey items that drop from mobs/chests/destructables/racks. Vendors won't do it, and I'm pretty sure trading won't do it either (though I did not test this)

    Since we can't get 40 whites/grays to drop during a single play session I horded all the drops from numerous sessions (It required running the first half of Act 3 about 4 times).
    I thought I was being pretty clever, but he doesn't pick those up either. Only "fresh" normal quality items.

    There is one area with a high density of whites: The first half of Act 3.
    The first quest area + Stone Fort has a LOT of racks (which seem to have 100% drop rate for white items). The depths have a few racks. Fields of Slaughter have a few. The Rakkis Crossing has a bunch (bridge also has the event where a commander is holding his ground and he's surrounded by corpses... I got 3 whites from those corpses)

    BUT all those areas combined and I couldn't push past 20 white items in a single run.

    And I'm fairly certain the goblin isn't coded to keep track of white items from previous play sessions, and probably not even from previous acts.

    Conclusion: I'm 90% sure the ring is worthless.

    Possible solutions:

    ~Buff the white item drop rate (Pro: This helps the starved crafting regent economy. Con: Potential clutter.

    ~Reduce the # required significantly. ie- 10 normal quality items (especially if it's a rare with a low legendary chance) (Pro: Affix becomes usable. Con: If someone ever found a white item dense location it could be an exploit, but if the legendary chance is low, still not a big deal. Con 2: Might cause complications if white item drops ever did get buffed in the future.)

    ~Reduce the # required by a bit. ie - 20 normal quality items (this would be if it's a rare with a high legendary chance). It would probably require a full act clear to fulfill. (Pro: Affix is usable. Player really has to work to get that legendary. Con: same as before.)

    ~Keep the 40 count, but have the ring be coded to 'remember' how many white items the gob has previously taken (when moving to the next act, when logging out, when deleting the game from a computer and reinstalling, basically forever). (Pro: Legendary drop count would be improved over a long period of time. Con: Unless whites drop more frequently, it still might not feel worth it.

    *** EDIT *** New proposed solution ***Having magic and rare items ALSO make Common Debris when salvaged would help the crafters out there.
    It makes sense, the swords, boots, helms, etc are all physically made of the same material as common items - just magically enhanced. So dropping irredescent tears and common debris is logical and would help alleviate the scarce crafting reagent supply without a need for buffing the common item drop-rate (thusly avoiding clutter).***
  • We really appreciate you taking the time to write up the details on exactly why you feel the Puzzle Ring isn't worth using. I'll be sure to pass this feedback along, and thanks for the report. I hope you continue to test all sorts of stuff on the PTR, and have fun doing it. See you in Sanctuary!