Bug List from F&F

  • Hey guys, this list was pulled from the RoS Discussion forum where I was keeping track of it. Hope it helps!

    Bounties & Rifts
    Items, Affixes & Effects

    Crashes & Technical Bugs

    • There are also a few Bounty targets that do not spawn under the correct name. Killing a unique of a different name completes the bounty. (Mostly related to Blood Marsh bounties)
    • A few areas (need to confirm which ones) seem to have a range on enemies counting towards the 50 kills required for a bounty, and you need to leave and return to an area to complete the bountyCaverns of Frost
    • Had a mob bug out on top of the side of the cave (making the last mob unable to be killed, and bounty unable to be completed)Them Dam Pools
    • Occasionally does not spawnMorlu Prison
    • Occasionally does not spawnAncient Prisoner
    • Never spawns boss and never ends. Cannot be completedThe Harvest
    • Can complete all the objectives, but will not complete the bountyPontius
    • Occasionally does not spawnTouch of Death
    • Occasionally does not spawnGarrach The Afflicted
    • Occasionally the Bloody Chest does not spawn/cannot be interacted withDiablo (Bounty)
    • Some players can complete, others cannot, some players will crash upon entering

    Nephelem Rifts
    • Rift Guardian named "Perdition" reached 0 hp, but refused to die.


      Cultist's Blood & Angelic Shard & Other materials
    • All of the crafting material legendary drops cannot be picked up, and therefore cannot be used to craft the respective legendariesReaper's Wraps
    • Does not replenish resources when a health well is usedIllusory Boots
    • You are unable to pass through the Act 2 sand walls that prevent projectiles while the boots are equippedTasker and Theo
    • This item has a space at the end of it, making it read "Tasker and Theo ", instead of "Tasker and Theo"Pride's Fall
    • Resource cost reduction is permanent, rather than removed on damage takenGloves of Worship
    • Empowered and Fleeting shrines are still lasting for 1 hour, after the hotfixCountess Juliet's Cameo
    • Does not interact with Death's Bargain, still gaining my full Life Per Second in addition to the Life Per Second increase from the Amulet. The Amulet does not apply any extra damage towards Death's Bargain.Death's Bargain
    • Health Globes do not return health, OR increase damage dealt

    Monsters, Affixes & Effects
    • The damage dealt/received by charmed/confused enemies is absurdly high, run speed also seems to be increased substantiallyWaller affix
    • Still is able to be cast on your character rendering it unable to moveHealth Link
    • Damage is being amplified and spread across all champions with this affix, resulting in almost one-shotting a packSiegebreaker Assault Beast
    • Still has the old reflect damage mechanic, needs to be changed/updated to new reflectBurrowing Worm (Act 2 monster)
    • Often will become unkillable but still be able to attack. Can even happen to the large unique monster, causing it to be unkillable and the bounty to be un-finishableBoggit (Act 5 monster)
    • Occasionally become stuck with 1 hp, and unable to die. Can happen with whites and championsThe Great Weapon (Act 5 Event)
    • The Angels summon shields that are supposed to prevent damage being dealt, but it is not working and you will take damage

      Tectonic Rift
    • The charge mechanic is not working. Still uses cooldown, charges are generated however and shown in your buffs (instead of on the skill, like Dashing Strike)

    Demon Hunter
    Witch Doctor
    • Has an abnormally high proc coefficient.Wave of Mutilation
    • Deals 50% weapon damage, possibly should be 500%? Either way, it is extremely lowFiery Piranhas
    • Tooltip says that it deals fire damage, yet visual is cold themed.Big Bad Voodoo
      Boogie Man
    • Will spawn up to a total of 10 Zombie Dogs (regardless of passives taken to increase the amount of Zombie Dogs you can have active at one time)

    • Often will get caught on something, and will be unable to teleport past monsters. Happens with 'waller' walls, and also can no longer teleport to areas we used to be able to teleport to (Keep Depths are prime example of this)Black Hole
      Absolute Zero
    • Charges aren't being consumed by casting a Hydra
  • Hi Eiken,

    As we are entering a new phase of Beta, we would like to start fresh with bug reports. As such, we would prefer that you avoid making "bug compilation" posts such as this, and stick to one issue per thread. For more information about what we are looking for in a bug report, please check out this thread:


    Additionally, a very significant amount of game changes and bug fixes have occurred in the past few weeks, and many of the issues that were active in the previous waves of Friends and Family beta have very likely been resolved.

    We do appreciate and applaud the effort in any case, and urge you to keep on hunting (and of course reporting) those bugs! :)