Competitive multiplayer ideas

  • Hello,

    I was thinking about some some 4 vs 4 modes that are not JUST PvP that I'd like to be in the game.

    For instance alongside with Classic TDM we could have :

    A mode in which 2 teams of 4 players have an objective to accomplish "Kill the creature X for a bounty, BEFORE the enemy team kills it"
    Encountering enemy members of the team allows the player and his allies to engage hostilities and possibly preventing them to achieve the objectiveA mode "king of the hill". In which the team that launches the mode is the king of a certain map portion and is automatically challenged by opposite teams until they lose.
    The winning team becomes then king of the Hill in place of the previous team.
    The map could have environmental hazards and fortifications to add some fun.Assassination 4 vs 4 : Protect one of your team mate at all cost. The designated team mate can run away from map to map but is visible on some sort of radar. The team mate in question could get all tanky of course for additional fun :) And the opposite team could make great use of CC skills to put a stop to himCapture the flag (ok, maybe I'm pushing it :P)I'm aware that most of these modes already exist in different games, FPS mainly, and are nothing new, but I think they could be a lot of fun if implemented in RoS

    What do you think ?
  • This thread made me think about what the developers said at the open Q&A panel at this year's BlizzCon, that adding PvE elements to PvP gameplay might be a good way to go to make compelling competitive gameplay. So we are definitely interested in this topic and we would like to get more feedback from you guys about what you have in mind when you think of competitive multiplayer gameplay. :-)