Anyone elses luck this bad?

  • Anyone else having bad luck on keys? Been farming MP8 and only found 4 in 30 runs.

    Edit: Clear things up.
    - Yes, my Barb can handle Mp8 just fine. I know I don't have godly gear.
    - Yes, I know how to calculate average percent between each and all runs.
    (Even if there was an error with my c++ code.)
    - My Demonic Essences drop rate is low because I only did short key runs and most likely missed some.
    - I apologize for any wrongful or misleading posts/information. I did not, in any way, attend to.
  • Past three days I farmed. Past three days I have nothing to show for it. Below is what I approx. got the past three days farming mp8.

    - 10 demonic essences.
    - 4 Keys.
    - 90,000,000 in crafts and 1 upgrade.
    - 20 legendaries and 2 only maybe sellable.
    (Unid nats and Unid monk fist.)

    I believe they nerf keys out the wazoo because they are no longer 80% drop rate...
    You can watch my stream if you don't believe me.
    It's unfortunate that you're having a bad luck streak, but I can assure you that the drop rates on keys have not been nerfed or otherwise changed in patch 1.0.8. The drop rate is still 5% on MP0, 10% on MP1, and 20% on MP2, all the way up through a 100% drop rate on MP10.

    Having a “hot streak” of good drops, or by contrast, a streak of poor drops can happen because the probability of each roll is not tied to the previous one. Because of this, you are not guaranteed any set number of Legendaries, set items, or rares within a certain period of time.

    While Magic Find does not impact your key drop rates, it does affect the quality of loot drops you’ll see, though not necessarily the number of drops you get from a particular kill (you can find out more about Magic Find here). Thus having high MF and being able to quickly and effectively clear challenging monsters will certainly aide your cause, but at the end of the day, the “luck” each player has will vary widely.

    Hopefully that helps explain things a bit!