maximum input reached relog from clearing block list ?

  • So this happened to me today while clearing my block list cause it was full, dont iknow why a block list has a limit in the first place but anyways.
    Was clearing my block list to add the new spammers that i was being bombarded with when all of a sudden " maximum input limit reached " and boom im looking at the login screen .... this isnt the first time this has happened but atleast last time i wasnt busy in game doing something time consuming and the first time i thought it was a fluke or some other reason .... not associated with unblocking !
    Was great too cause i was just about to head to the keymaster with 5 NV, always a blast to waste my time cause blizzard has some dumb things implemented for some reason can there be something done to prevent being kicked for clearing block list ? only game i have ever played with this kind of crap
    ? is it cause it thinks im a bot if im clearing block list ? do bots block people ? do they empty their lists ? do they come on the forums after and point out your obvious flaws in your game that a beaten and shaved and dressed monkey could have solved ?
    i really dont expect it to ever change cause this has got to be one of the worst managed games i have ever had the pleasure of playing which is a shame cause i ENJOY playing diablo but reasons to continue playing are starting to run out.
  • Hi Vansoul,

    It may just be a temporary issue - if it continues to be a persistent thing, please make sure you send in a ticket reporting this so that we can get this checked out for you.

    Thank you :)