Which class should I paragon 100? (no barbs)

  • I am looking for another class to level up in spare time when I don't play my barb. I am just not sure how other classes balance their dps and durability.

    I was really interested in the monk, however the options for resists are pretty pathetic. Most monks go with One With Everything, which requires me to build sets of gear based simply on one aspect of resist (eg. Poison resist). That will either be way too costly for me or make it so that I cant find my ideal pieces. I was also interested in the Wiz or DH but the lack of healing abilities for the wiz made me really look away from ranged classes. DH is still up for grabs, but IMO there is no amazing defensive abilities and the damage isn't all that great.

    Any opinions on another class? I can maybe do lifesteal on a wizard. I just want the balance of heals, damage and resists.
  • While you’re deciding which class to play and what kind of builds you'll use, you may want to consider the amount of solo versus group play the character will do since that can sometimes make a big difference.
  • This guide for Monks might be something you can read to help you decide if you want to play one. ;)