Customisable looks for new created heros?

  • Hey,

    I was wondering if it will be possible to customise the hero during creating. At least some basic stuff like hair, size, etc. Otherwise they will all look the same which would be a little weird.

    Keep on slaying.
  • Visual customization/identity in Diablo III mainly comes from four sources: the items you find and equip, colors you dye them, the skills/runes you've chosen, and your banner.

    Head pieces begin dropping right around level 11 (?), and then really ramp up in complexity from there all the way through inferno. So the amount of time you're looking at a character where customization options would really matter is very minimal, and plus, since the game camera is so far away from your character you're just not going to be able to tell if you had ... made your eye shadow purple instead of green, for instance.

    It's just a better use of resources to put our efforts toward creating unique item looks, which you will clearly see even with a camera set way up in the sky.