Swapping between various skill builds.

  • Just wondering if there will be a way to swap between various skill builds. It would be nice to have like 3-4 different builds for each unique character saved that you could switch between before heading into different parts of the game, map and multiplayer wise. I could see it getting a bit tedious changing them all the time manually.
  • It's something that's been tossed around. Realistically, probably not, we're trying to release the game and feature creep is the enemy, but if we did it'd probably be something like dual-spec in World of Warcraft where we'd make you go back to town to swap to a different loadout.

    We don't want to create builds with hotkeys you can swap around freely, or anything like that. It'd be a convenience feature, not a gameplay mechanic. And again, very unlikely it's something we'd work to implement at this point.