"Factor of four" in 1.0.4 Blog Post

  • People seem to think that the "increase by a factor of four" phrase from the 1.0.4 Design Preview means "four times as many magical items will drop". This may be correct, but there is reason to question that interpretation.

    1.0.4 Design Preview:
    "increasing the likelihood they drop magic or rare items by a factor of four"

    1.0.3 Design Preview:
    "We’re currently evaluating repair costs between 4x and 6x their current values."

    Usually, when Blizzard means that something will increase to four times its current level, they write it as "4x", as they did in the repair section of the 1.0.3 blog. In the 1.0.4 blog, they did not write, "magical items will drop from trash at 4x their normal rate", which is what persons take them to be saying. Instead, they employed the language of increasing by factors. In the same sense, in the 1.0.3 blog they did not write, "repairs will increase by a factor of four or a factor of six."

    This is a source of consternation for me. Companies usually strive to maintain the same terminology in order to avoid confusion.

    The question is whether "4x" and "increase by a factor of four" mean the same thing.

    If they do, then that's fine.

    However, given the difference in terminology, we can't simply assume that the two different phrases mean the same thing. The 1.0.3 blog post uses "4x". The 1.0.4 blog post uses "increase by a factor of four".

    So, is it the case that "4x" and "increase by a factor of four" mean the same thing, in the 1.0.4 developer blog post?
  • Just to clarify, we aren't making any changes to the chance that an item will drop. Instead, we're changing the quality of that item when it drops. And when we say we're increasing the likelihood that non-Elite monsters will drop magical items "by a factor of four," it means that those monsters should drop 4 times (or "4x") the amount of magical items as they do now.

    So, for example, if doing a full clear of an area currently yields 500 items from non-Elites, it will still yield 500 items after 1.0.4. Whereas you may have only gotten 20 Magic (blue) items and 4 Rare (yellow) item from those non-Elites before, you’ll now get approximately 80 Magic items and 16 Rares.

    Hope that helps!

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    This is what the patch note should read. Nothing wrong with a little laugh.

    Hm. I've been looking for a way to sneak that in....

    You, sir. You have ideas. And I like them.
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    and thanks OP for the well thought out question

    Ditto! I actually just went back to the patch notes and made sure that particular line was clarified. Great question. :)
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    Is this 4-fold increase being applied to Legendaries as well?

    Negative, it only affects Magic items and Rare items (apologies for the confusion).
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    Thank you Lylirra, for the clarification! Your replies are much appreciated. I also do apologize for the wording in the title of the other thread.

    No worries! Just never do it again.

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