*golf clap*

  • After playing through beta patch 5, with the new and much improved; demon hunter (impale+caltrops+chakrum=so fun), environments, graphics, voice overs, monsters, difficulty, music, more epic and frightening champion monsters, and everything else...I have to say...nice job on the patch guys. :)

    The only issues I see are 1.) Hatred generators don't seem like they generate enough hatred currently...it feels awkward using 5 bola shots just to get one hungering arrow off...I dunno, just feels like the numbers should be set so that you're more prone to fire the shots in an alternating fashion, rather than in a 5 to 1 ratio. 2.) Also, the animation for rapid fire is a little much imo...I feel like I'm shooting a fruity rainbow at monsters rather than a volley of razor sharp arrows...maybe tune down the colors a bit to be more in tune with what a barrage of arrows would actually look like.

    Now all we need is that fix, the mortar champion monster animation fix, and the animation for the impale impact and we're g2g ;)
  • Thanks! Keep in mind that we're playing around a lot with Hatred generation/spending. Overall we like it, but some of the numbers are just off - especially in the beta. The nature of testing and deploying an update just means the build you're playing on is already a few weeks old.

    For example on the current internal version Impale costs 25 Hatred and does 275% weapon damage, and Hungering arrow is a generator.

    We'll try to share those types of things when we can.