Achievements breaking after a certain point?

  • A couple things I noticed on my first Patch 6 playthrough (Witch Doctor):

    After a while, the voices for many events stopped working (though I could see they were talking with subtitles on). It's most noticeable when Kormac talks (or doesn't), but happened with the Royal Crypt flashback and a few other places.

    Also, I didn't get credit for killing Leoric, or for most of the Thorough Inspection requirements. Only Level 1 and Leoric's Passage worked. It could be that you have to poke all the interact-able objects, but I'm pretty sure I got everything on Cathedral 2--spent an extra half hour or so combing the place.
  • Achievements are currently not being awarded, and haven't been for most of the day due to a server-side issue. We're aware and working to resolve it. Sorry for the lack of notice before now.