Diablo Site Looks Too Much Like the WoW Site.

  • We love it when people are enthusiastic about all of our games. So of course we want there to be a similarity in the functionality and feel of each community site which supports them. :)

    We want it to be a rather seamless transition when you visit any of the http://battle.net 2.0 sites. If you look at the WoW, SC2, and DIII sites carefully though, you'll see how the flavors of each game -- in particular the look of the UI, art style, font, and color schemes -- really enhance each site's atmosphere.

    It's worth noting too you'll only be able to post here if you have a DIII license... once the game is released! Along with that players will have all-new Diablo character avatars.

    I'm very happy to finally have this community site join the new battle.net family, for serious. :D

    Oh, also this:

    Blizzard wants ease of communication between all their games via the new battle.net. Having sites that are familiar across all (newer) games is just part of that synergy.

    08/24/2011 11:34 PMPosted by Fendria
    Does your wow account have to be active to post on here, I wonder? Mine is gonna expire in a day or so, I was just on a free 7-day thing to check out the new patch.

    Yes, for now you just need an active World of Warcraft or StarCraft II license to post here. Once beta begins, those chosen to participate will get access as well.