No Internet = No diablo 3??? (Part 4)

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    Everyone has read my OP I will not post it again this is to continue the conversation and topic that Robes has brought up.

    Except it is true through actual facts. What hes saying isnt an opinion but rather fact. Hacks are created using the client side information. You will rarely if EVER see a server side hack for games unless there is virtually no security between the client and the server.

    For example, in warcraft III all ladder maps are downloading to your computer, which in tern created maphacking because this was a client side situation were hackers had full access to all maps and originally this was client sided until it was patched by blizzard. However gold/lumber and food count were unable to be edited online through because that is server sided information. Which is why you have never seen a gold/lumber/food hack for ladder play on that game.

    League of legends is the best proof out there that a game with a server side architecture (always needing an internet connection) with over 15 million registered users of which 1.3 million actively log on every day is capable of keeping a HACK free environment even with an immense user base.

    A game that is based online is also more secure this is fact now not opinion, as even if the game WAS hacked it is possible to re-check all data of the game data prior to logging on, which is what League of legends does, WoW does, Starcraft II and even Diablo III will be doing.

    I understand that if they simply take the online, server-side code and make it freely available by including it in an offline client, they're opening a can of worms and creating a playground for hackers and cheaters. What I'm saying is what is stopping them from modifying the server-side code to the point where it is no longer compatible with the original server-side code (which would still be used for the online play), then releasing an offline component with modified 'server-side' functionality.

    Basically, the extreme of what I'm saying is two completely separate games - obviously in such a case hacking one would not impact the other. Now what I'm suggesting is finding the sweet-spot where the codes and functionalities only need to be modified enough to keep the additional resource cost low enough to be viable, while creating an offline mode distinct enough to be virtually useless in cracking the online server-side code.

    Hopefully you can understand what I'm trying to say. Like I said, the costs and logistics of creating and supporting distinct modes maybe be large enough that Blizzard writes it off completely, but in my opinion if any company could and would innovate such a system, Blizzard and D3 would be the perfect guinea pig.

    I agree completely, in the end it is somewhat like what they are doing with the console version of Diablo III. It is basically a seperate Diablo Universe, although obviously they will need to change some things up I do believe this should be possible.
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