[Video] Bug - Attack Speed

  • Greetings,

    about a week ago I found this exploit / bug when it comes to the attack speed.
    It seems like there's a huge gap between rapid clicking and holding the mouse button and In my opinion as a Beta Tester, there shouldn't.

    This could lead to a huge issue not only in PvP, but also in PvE.

    Of course I include a video.


    I synchronized both videos so the attack animation starts at the same time, you'll see after the first few attacks, that the rapid clicking Monk gets ahead of his "holding the mouse button" rival and ends up with over 3 attacks more by the end of the video.

    A blue post on this, if this is intended or not, would be great as my ~10500 Subscribers are probably wondering right now why I upload this video ^^
  • Thanks guys, we are aware of this bug.