Small, but irritating Fps drops (60->59)

  • computer:
    i7 @ 3500mzh
    2x 5850 crossfire
    8 gig ram
    and so on....

    this computer i have should have no problem running Diablo 3 on max, so thats not the problem.

    i play whit Vertical sync because i "dislike" tearing. i play the game i constantly have 60fps.

    but at some random times (undependent on whats happening on the screen)
    my FPS drops (MSI after burner says 59 fps, 60 normally)
    Ctrl+r FPS flickers from 59-60.

    this doesn't seem like much but it does stutter when it happens.
    its not micro-stuttering because thats now how micro-stuttering works. This does not happen in any other games.

    any change i can get feedback on this? is this a known issue or do you need additional information of any kind.
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