chat problem

  • not sure if this was listed yet but i have a friend who is playing wow he can see my name and talk to me but his name is not showing that he is playing wow or even on but yet i can talk to him as it shows him offline and he is not in the wow beta
  • Thisisjimmy, can you please try to reproduce this issue and immediately post your D3Debug.txt file to In addition, an online picture of this error message would be helpful too.

    1. Launch D3 Beta.
    2. Reproduce this bug.
    3. As soon as you get the error, exit the Beta.
    4. Go to the main folder where you installed D3 Beta.
    5. Open the Release folder.
    6. Copy the D3Debug.txt file to your desktop.
    7. Open the file in Notepad and edit out your e-mail address.
    8. Upload the edited file to
    9. Link the file back here.

    Thank you!