Diablo III Haiku Extravaganza!

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    Hatred unyielding
    Discipline unbreakable
    You are the hunted


    Wizards and protoss
    Know power overwhelming
    Suffer the Archon


    Burritos for lunch
    Even undead shall vacate
    I shout from the rear
  • Two blues have posted
    Excitement is combustion
    Sign of the beta
  • 09/15/2011 08:12 PMPosted by Athlas
    Aghhhhhhhhh dont play with my heart T_T

    It's just a poem
    Sign of beta means nothing
    Please don't stay up late

  • 09/16/2011 10:13 AMPosted by Truelols
    is that right? if not answer my question

    Five syllables here
    Seven syllables this line
    Then five more again