End-Game: What would you like to see?

  • UPDATED 12/10/13

    Dear Community, I wanted to pose a question for you: what would you like to see for a Diablo 3 end-game? What does end-game mean to you? Please feel free to list some suggestions and please put some thought into it - I'm looking forward to your creative responses :D

    As for me, I have a few ideas:

    1) Difficulty needs reworked. Higher difficulties should be more than higher monster stats. Perhaps the density could be swapped up, monsters have more abilities or affixes (or even entirely new "harder" affixes like super horde or homing missiles - like the ones the bees fire but faster), monsters react, move, and/or attack faster, their abilities have more AoE or have more shots to dodge. You could even make champion groups have 4 instead of 3 guys. You could make the Fallen Shaman smart-res stronger minions and be able to res each other again. These are just a few ideas, but essentially I want it to feel "harder" more than just a gear requirement. It will extend the end-game by a lot if the harder modes are actually "harder" - otherwise, once you get to the top gear, you have essentially "beat the game" since the highest tier difficulties will feel exactly like the lower tier. They won't be hard anymore or require any more skill.

    2) Ladder. This extends the end-game by so much. Especially if you add...

    3) Seasonal content increases (can be mixed in with Ladder). I know we aren't paying a monthly for D3 like with WoW, but I think when you look at most games they have DLC or increases in content that are available significantly faster than once every two years. If you want to save the end-game, there needs to be more coming in faster. It doesn't have to be anything more than just new stuff for the top people to do, that way the ceiling is always raised so things never get stagnant.

    4) More build diversity. Right now Blizz is going in a fantastic direction with Loot 2.0 legendaries. However, I would love it if you could weave in stats with builds. For example, have frost wizards spells benefit the most from stacking attack speed, while fire wizards would want to stack crit the most, while arcane wizards would benefit the most from, say, cooldown reduction and resource regen. Demon Hunters could have certain skills that are outlined in a way that high attack speed would make OP, like, say if you made Rapid Fire for example have a lower crit cap or not benefit from +crit damage but make it's base attack way higher, then it would do more damage if you dual wielded with rubied weapons and stacked attack speed more than crit chance or crit damage, or certain passives would benefit exponentially if you had a higher pickup radius.

    This would tie in items with builds so much more and give us some focus for Enchanting and gems, that it would essentially solve the huge hole that not having skill levels creates. In other words, suddenly we could make our entire build better in various ways so that if we want a pet-based Witch Doctor, we could not only swap our talents to be that, or have legendaries to farm, but we could have some sort of focus for gear apart from trifecta or something. I just feel this would expand the item game by a lot.

    5) PvP - at some point hopefully before june or something I hope we have some news on this. PvP is what will give this game the legs it needs; it gives people the motivation to hunt for items other than just "having items." Right now D3 devs have said tons of times, D3 is about loot and killing demons. That's great and all but if you think about most games, people still have something to work towards other than just saying "I look cool." Now that everything is BoA, it just gives so much more need for having PvP. We need to have ways to show off our skill and builds, we need to pit them against other people. It drives the PvE end-game SO much and adds so so many more builds. People will consider completely different skills than they ever considered otherwise, which means way more gameplay and way more new ways to play your hero. I fully believe Blizzard is the best gaming company in the world and that they are fully capable of putting out a perfectly good PvP mode for D3.

    6) Expanded bounties - more types and more depth like secondary or bonus objectives. Escorts or Rescues, Camps (not just single target but an entire camp of Fallen or Khazra), Defending locations or villagers, or searching for a running target that will run away from you around the zone (like a treasure goblin that doesn't portal away). Some extra bonus objectives would be like, if you killed the moving bounty in less than a minute of entering the zone, or a higher bonus for how many villagers you were able to escort to safety, etc. This would just make bounties a bit more tasty, just an opinion of mine - they're basically like dailies from WoW, except dailies from WoW have more steps sometimes and a lot more stuff and they add more of them every few months to the game. There is no reason why bounties can't be expanded just a little, especially since we're supposed to run them all the time.

    7) Death penalty or Survival incentive - this puts so much more weight in the game and your gear and decisions. It rewards skill. I feel like it's just a small part of the whole package of helping to make end-game feel meaningful.

    8) Randomize the previous acts - Act 5 being randomized, it FEELS like Diablo 3. Especially the Blood Marsh, it's so reminiscent of the Canyon of the Magi from D2 (is that the right place?) - with the various marked dungeons but only one of them is the right one. Freaking fantastic. Now just make all the acts randomized! This will make it feel new every time instead of stale. I feel like I'm going to mostly only want to play Act 5 cause it'll be the only one that feels like D3, where I get into a zone and I have no idea where to go so I just have to kill stuff until I find it :D

    9) A level/map editor so players could create their own custom maps or arenas for players to play together with their friends/clans. THAT WOULD BE SERIOUSLY AWESOME. It would put the power of D3 into the creativity of the players. This would give people soooooo much to do. Even if you had to limit it in ways like that you don't gain any xp or loot while playing custom maps, it would still be really fun to try out custom made all-inclusive zones and stuff (all based on the current tile sets/doodads/monsters/etc.) Or even go so far as to let players have an editor as epic as starcraft so that they could even script their own events and stuff into the custom game. WHAT!? that would just be so cool.

    10) Epic World Events - A unique über boss randomly drops into your game, the skies turn red, hell bursts from the ground and huge waves of demons or zombies or skeletons start flowing forth. It automatically notifies your friends/clan members, and it's the kind of the thing that the reward is worth the effort. Your friends will be like HELLS YEAH! and quit their own game to join yours to help you fight your way through the huge waves of demons to the über boss. Something that is similar to the opening cinematic (is that the one?) that you see literally thousands of demons, multiple siege breakers (absolutely would be great to fight a few siege breakers simultaneously) and then an über boss or like one of Azmodan's generals at the end. This entire event is triggered when you enter a new zone or something. It would just be really nice to see some more epic events, to feel like you're actually in the middle of the apocalypse, that you're actually saving the world from Hell itself. This is the level of epicness that Diablo demands.

    11) Dungeons - Big large awesome ones. Multiple floors, randomization, minibosses, end bosses... but entirely optional and on the side. It would be a welcome addition to options of things to do in the end-game. Instead of helping out your town's faction by running all over the act doing bounties and saving the day, you could opt to grab a friend or three and tackle a dungeon. You could either make them random chances like the caves and stuff where maybe you have to run the bounties before you randomly find one, or they're in a guaranteed location each time. However, these are different from Caves or Vaults because they have multiple floors, full of traps and maybe some puzzles, maybe a labyrinth level with a minotaur that you don't wanna run into (suggested in my OP), and generally just a fun thing to do. Or maybe you could even work it into the bounty system so that it's also an optional bounty for only the bravest of warriors that rewards equal to doing 5 bounties and you have the choice between running bounties or doing clearing the dangerous dungeon - both make the town safer. Sounds flipping sweet to me. Lots of other people suggested this. It's absolutely something that would make D3 awesome. Essentially mini-instances but something that should still take roughly 30 minutes to clear. But they can't just be straight run-through from entrance to exit. You have to do things to unlock the exit or to open a door or to bridge an abyss or to empty a pit of quicksand or w/e. The tombs of the khans in the dalghur oasis are GREAT examples of the kind of thing I'm talking about, but make them four times as big and four times as awesome (and certainly four times as challenging). Lots of traps to avoid, rooms where you have to walk on the stones in the right order or you'll die, rooms where you trigger events like jar of souls where just waves of Mummified Priests come and try to stop you from stealing the Pharaoh's treasure horde, an entire floor that is entirely pitch black except for a glowing orb by the entrance that only one hero can carry with them. But the final room will have like 6 resplendent chests or something. I mean, whatever is balanced, but this is like, you know, Diablo needs this.

    That's all I can think of right now. These all kind of work together to create an entire idea of something that has exponentially more to do and reason to do it.

    EDIT: Have been adding more as I come up with more ideas.
  • We'd love to hear more ideas for what you'd like to see and do end-game in Diablo III. No promises, of course, but what type of challenges do you enjoy, and what about them makes you want to come back for more?
  • 12/05/2013 08:35 PMPosted by Zeyta

    Now now, no need to be mean. I can understand your frustration, but understand there are a lot more of us, then there are CM's They can't read every post!

    Sorry to be mean and I don't really mean it personally to Vaeflare. But In general, why would anyone from Blizzard need to ask what has been discussed back and forth for months now?
    There have been many, many posts and threads over the last few months regarding end-game, and really, it's a topic that comes up time and time again because we're striving to keep on improving. Since Diablo III's launch, we've added various features to offer you more things to do in Sanctuary, such as Paragon Levels, the Infernal Machine, Legendary Item changes, Brawling, Monster Density Changes, Multiplayer Improvements, and the addition of Monster Power, but we're not done yet!

    With the launch of the Friends and Family Beta, some players have gotten a firsthand experience at some of the additional features we're adding with Reaper of Souls, such as Adventure Mode, Nephalem Rifts, Bounties, Loot 2.0, Paragon 2.0, the Mystic Artisan, the Crusader class, and more.

    So why ask about end-game? Because it's always important for us to learn more about out what other ideas the community is talking about, and what sounds appealing and enjoyable to them players (we're all individuals, after all). It's also especially helpful for us (and for the developers that read these forums) to have focused feedback in one place.

    There's nothing warm or kind about them. Nothing genuine.
    I'm sorry you feel that way. :( I can tell you honestly, and truthfully that all of us here at Blizzard love what we do, and strive as much as we can to make the best games possible. I'm not posting here to give you lip-service, or to fulfill some sort of bare-bones criteria of how many posts I think I should write, rather: my fellow Community Managers and I are posting here so that we can pass along real and current information and feedback directly to and from the developers. That doesn't mean that every idea players come up with will make it into Diablo III, certainly, but I can assure you that your feedback is absolutely heard and read on a daily basis, and that it's taken into account during the development process.