So well. I've been quiet these past few days.

  • Been trying to break the monk class.

    Can say I'm not disappointed with the results.

    Pretty fun to play. ._. I actually enjoy fast/mobile melee classes and WW was for the longest time the main reason why I've stayed with playing barbarian, something that's no longer possible. So I'll probably main a monk for RoS.

    Will stay around to chill with the Brobarians however. Hopefully someone manages to find a GG build for barbs but I haven't had much luck with it (and this is with perfect 5s from start and farming over 100+ legendaries). The equipment requirement to run a decent barb is really high now because barbs are terrible with:

    1. Resource generation.

    2. Life generation. (linked to 1. because life on fury is best bet)

    3, Damage output (linked to resource generation).

    Granted I haven't found a 4 piece EQ set or a 4 piece Oxen but even so the number of barbs able to farm torment VI (I haven't seen any tbh) seem really sparse. I have seen crusaders/ monks/ Wizards and even DHs soloing torment VI.... have yet to see any barb or WDs doing so. (Edit: WDs can do torment VI, frogs + CB is pretty disgusting)

    For those who choose to continue playing barb as main for the expansion... Tough times are ahead but I wish you luck with drops. Do take note that changing class barely matters (your old gear almost always get replaced in the first few hours of play, unless perfect 5) and you can always farm up gear for your barb eventually. Paragon levels are shared as well.

    My two cents?

    I guess it's blizz overnerfing the class. Hopefully they'll give it some much needed buffs as time passes.

    If possible. WW should be made so that it allows you to travel at your MS.

    Animation for Seismic Slam should scale better with APS (quicker) which would allow for more skilled play, i.e. moving around and slamming instead of remaining entirely stationary (will kill you with RoS mob affixes).

    Skills to deal with fear and freeze abilities. (Possible reduction in WoTB cooldowns would be great)

    Suggestion for WoTB: a cooldown based on duration used. i.e. duration of 20 seconds with 60 second cooldown. If you activate WoTB for just 1 second. The cooldown is just 3 seconds. etc.
  • Everything about Diablo III is a constant work in progress, and we're very interested in your feedback about the upcoming Barbarian changes. We're going to be launching our Public Test Region for patch 2.0.1 soon, and it'll include class balancing and tuning. If you want to test out the Barbarian changes for yourself (and be sure to let us know what you think!), then this might be your chance. You can read a little more about the PTR in this blog, and we hope to see you there!