• Why can Tyreal still wield El'Druin if he is no longer an angel? It is a sword of the high heavens, if he made himself mortal, or would that just not matter? And in the opening cinematic when Malthael picks him up, I cannot tell if he actually takes a piece of Tyreals soul or is just kind of making a point.
  • 10/14/2013 08:08 PMPosted by Jakkal07
    Why can Tyreal still wield El'Druin if he is no longer an angel?

    Tyrael's mortality has no bearing on his ability to wield El'druin. After all, it's his sword. =) This is also not the first time a mortal being has wielded El'druin. Jacob Staalek once used the sword to great effect protecting his home. This event was covered in the comic books and referenced in the Book of Tyrael.

    10/14/2013 08:35 PMPosted by Maldazzar
    I still can't fathom why Malthael wouldn't try to simply kill Tyrael on the spot, though...

    Malthael is extremely in tune with souls.When he inspected Tyrael's soul, he found no evidence of demonic taint. Ergo, he did not consider Tyrael his enemy. It really is that simple, as Death tends to see things in black and white.

    10/15/2013 09:13 PMPosted by SirNick
    I'm wondering why El'druin brought back his power though, unless it's as simple as just him forgetting who he is so he has a hidden power and El'druin helps him remember, releasing the power.

    El'druin is a unique item in that it isn't simply an angelic weapon, but a part of Tyrael. In order for Tyrael to be whole again after he cast himself from the High Heavens, El'druin needed to be restored. It's inexorably tied to his being, regardless of what state Tyrael is in. Hypothetically speaking, if Tyrael were to somehow become an actual human, El'druin would remain equally integral to his being.