Diablo III Beta Patch 5 Notes (Updated 11/3)

  • Diablo III Beta Patch 5 - v.0.3.1. 7728
    Released 11/3/11

      All characters have been wiped. As part of this process, artisans, gold, and items (including those placed on the auction house or in a shared stash) have also been reset.
      Switching out class skills will now require the use of a new feature known as the Nephalem Altar. Nephalem Altars are currently located in New Tristram, as well as in key locations throughout Act I. Clicking on an altar will open up the skill UI, allowing both active and passive skills to be selected or exchanged.
      The Cauldron of Jordan is no longer available in beta content. It will be rewarded to players at a higher level in the game.

      Gold rewarded from quests has been significantly reduced
      Experience rewarded from quests after level 4 is now based on the number of mobs you’d have to kill to earn the same amount of experience, rather than being a strict percentage of a level

      New passive skills have been added for all classes. See individual class notes below for more information.
      AoE (Area of Effect) skills for all classes have had their damage reduced
      Single-target skills for all classes have had their damage increased
      All skills are now based off weapon damage

    User Interface
      The in-game UI has been updated with general art and usability improvements

      Active Skills
        The Barbarian's Fury Generators have received a tuning pass. Bash, Cleave, and Frenzy now generate more Fury whereas the other Fury Generators now generate less.
        Additional changes include:
          Battle Rage
            Damage bonus reduced from 30% to 20%

            The chance for this ability to activate has been increased from 10% to 15%

          Weapon Throw
            Fury cost reduced from 20 to 10
            Damage decreased from 210% to 180%

        Passive Skills
          New passive skills have been added:
            Nerves of Steel
              Unlocked at level 12
              Your defense is increased by 25% of your Vitality

        Demon Hunter
            Maximum Hatred reduced from 150 to 125

          Active Skills
            The order in which skills are awarded has been adjusted for levels 1 to 13.
            Resource management for the Demon Hunter has been reworked significantly. Skills for the class now fall into the three categories: Hatred Generators, Hatred Spenders, and Discipline Spenders
              Hatred Generators
                Bola Shot: Generates 2 Hatred
                Entangling Shot: Generates 4 Hatred
                Evasive Fire: Generates 4 Hatred*
                Grenades: Generates 2 Hatred
                Impale: Generates 6 Hatred

              Hatred Spenders
                Chakram: Costs 10 Hatred
                Elemental Arrow: Costs 5 Hatred
                Hungering Arrow: Costs 10 Hatred
                Rapid Fire: Costs 30 Hatred (initially) and 1.5 Hatred per second for each additional shot

              Discipline Spenders
                Caltrops: Costs 8 Discipline
                Shadow Power: Costs 20 Discipline
                Vault: Costs 10 Discipline
                *Evasive Fire: Costs 4 Discipline to Backflip

              Additional changes include:
                Bola Shot
                  On-hit damage increased from 100% to 105%

                  Damage reduced from 150% to 135%

                  Damage increased from 75% to 80%

                Hungering Arrow
                  Damage increased from 115% to 145%
                  Pierce chance is once again a fixed 35% rather than scaling with level

                  Impale has been given a new spell effect. It is now a thrown dagger instead of a bow shot.

                Rapid Fire
                  Damage increased from 35% weapon damage per shot to 38% weapon damage per shot

                Shadow Power
                  Attack speed bonus reduced from 50% to 30%

              Passive Skills
                New passive skills have been added:
                  Tactical Advantage
                    Unlocked at level 10
                    Whenever you use Vault, Smokescreen, or backflip with Evasive Fire you gain 60% movement speed for 2 seconds

                Active Skills
                    All Mantras now have a 15 second cooldown and grant a bonus effect for the first 3 seconds after activation

                  Additional changes include:
                    Blinding Flash
                      Spirit cost reduced from 50 to 30
                      Duration reduced from 5 second to 3 seconds

                    Breath of Heaven
                      Spirit cost reduced from 75 to 25
                      Healing amount reduced

                    Crippling Wave
                      Damage increased from 120% to 135%

                    Deadly Reach
                      Damage increased from 110% to 120%

                    Fists of Thunder
                      Damage increased from 100% to 120%

                    Lashing Tail Kick
                      Spirit cost increased from 25 to 30
                      Damage increased from 130% to 180%

                Passive Skills
                    Healing per Spirit reduced

              Witch Doctor
                Active Skills
                  All Witch Doctor skills now do damage based on your weapon damage and cast at a speed based on your weapon attack speed.

                Passive skills
                  New passive skills have been added:
                    Circle of Life
                      Unlocked at level 12
                      Whenever an enemy dies within 12 yards there is a 5% chance that a Zombie dog will automatically emerge

                    Jungle Fortitude
                      Unlocked at level 10
                      Reduces all damage taken by you and your pets by 20%

                      Active Skills
                        The order in which skills are awarded from levels 6 to 13 has been adjusted. Players will now unlock offensive and defensive spells in an alternating order.
                        All Wizard skills now do damage based on your weapon damage and cast at a speed based on your weapon attack speed.

                      Passive Skills
                        New passive skills have been added:
                          Critical Mass
                            Unlocked at level 12
                            Your critical hits reduce the cooldown of your spells by 1 second

                            Ability now unlocks at level 20, instead of level 5

                            Healing provided by this ability will now scale properly
                            When activated, ability will heal you for ¼ of your total health every 15 seconds
                            Will only heal when player is below 50% health, down from 67%

                            Slow amount reduced from 80% to 50%

                            Intervene is the new name for Taunt, and now unlocks at level 5
                            Radius of monsters to be taunted reduced from 30 to 10 yards
                            Duration reduced from 10 seconds to 5 seconds
                            Will now only cast when player is below 50%
                            Cooldown increased from 15 seconds to 30 seconds

                            Life regenerated by this ability will now scale properly

                        Players now start with 5 health potions
                        Health globes now heal you over 1.5 seconds rather than over 5 seconds
                        The number of chests, shrines, and other interactable items (e.g. bookcases and loose stones) has been greatly reduced across the entire game
                        Items sold from vendors will now be at least one item level lower than those that are currently available to a player via drops from monsters
                        The level of an item is now much more likely to match or be close to the level of the monster from which it dropped, and the affixes that appear are much more likely to be from the upper range

                        Several significant changes have been made to weapons and weapon damage affixes:
                          The damage bonus granted to two-handed weapons over one-handed weapons has been reduced from 15%-38% from level 1-60 to 13%-32%
                          Wands attack speed has been increased from 1.2 to 1.4
                          Quivers, Orbs, and Mojos will now always come with +Min/Max damage
                          Ceremonial Daggers will now frequently come with +Mana Regen
                          Wands will now frequently come with the +Max Arcane Power

                        The amount of inherent slow granted by cold weapons has been reduced from 3 seconds to 1 second
                        One-handed crossbows and daggers now pull from a separate pool of affixes for + damage
                        The damage variance between weapons of the same type has been reduced.

                      Bug Fixes
                        Fixed an issue that was causing two-handed Monk combat staves to not receive the proper damage bonus

                        A new Mortar affix has been added to the game. Mortar monsters will lob grenades at enemies outside melee range.
                        Lightning bolt damage from Electrified-enchanted monsters has been reduced by 40%
                        Monsters that are enchanted to an element (Molten, Electrified, etc.) now correctly have 50% resistance to their chosen element
                          Ex: Molten monsters will have 50% damage resistance to Fire at equal level

                        Wretched Mothers in Act I can now only summon one zombie at a time
                        Treasure Goblins are now immune to fear

                        Skeleton King
                          Whirlwind damage increased from 100% to 300%
                          Cleave damage increased from 80% to 100%

                          Blacksmiths now start with a Fist weapon and a Dagger weapon option to craft
                          Blacksmith leveling and crafting recipes have received a tuning pass

                        Pages of Training will now drop starting at level 6, down from level 8
                        The chance for Magic and Rare items to salvage into higher quality crafting material has been increased from 1% to 5%
                        Salvaging blue items now has a 1% chance to salvage into Legendary crafting material