Locking criticism threads - great job Blizz

  • Why was this thread closed http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6689310262?page=1 ???
    Green letter &$@&!# run out of ideas of defending every single complaint?
    There were no personel insults or anything alse unmannerly...
    Blizz don't make any replies except some "That's a great idea, we are considering it in the future" and apperently told their green bouncers to lock any threads pointing out the biggest fails in this game?

    Complete lack of any responsibility
    No ability to say "We screwed and we're sorry"
    Grren posts trying to convince us that excrements actually smell like roses we just don't smell it the right way
    Lock me ban me I don't care... freedom of speech apparently is not welcome here...
  • 01/03/2013 22:15Posted by Meteorblade
    Why was this thread closed

    My guess was that it was because it turned into a trolling, argumentative, insult-trading thread.

    Correct, not unlike this one. We're always looking for good feedback, both positive and negative of course as that's how feedback works, but when threads descend into personal insults and bickering, we'll shut them down to allow more useful and helpful ones to take their place.