Admins & bumpers!!!

  • Did bump become legit again or what?
    People spam the hell out of they`re threads.
    Tell me if so, then I can bump my own interests!
  • No. Anyone found to be bumping will receive a suspension and have their threads deleted.

    The best way to help us keep the forums clear of this is to report any bumps (or other things that are against the forum rules), otherwise the post will remain there until we see it while clicking each thread to check manually. Also, remember that Vaneras, Nakatoir and I have to rest sometimes, so there will be times that we can't be around to manually check all the threads. But, like I said, if you report them they will definitely be dealt with.
  • Lots of bump posters has been dealt with as a direct result of reports you guys have submitted, so thanks for that guys... you guys are truly helping to keep these forums clean :-)
  • 02/01/2013 08:54Posted by OioxFûl
    Might wanna clean the front page of gold farmers then.

    Yeah everyday I see two gold sellers bumped to the front page. Kill it instantly. They even use CAPS and tell you they sell gold in the headlines.

    As all moderation is handled individually by human beings, unfortunately you will see some of these from time to time. We kill these threads as soon as we spot them of course, even from home sometimes, but unfortunately the sellers are very persistent. It's an ongoing battle, and we have no intention to give up the fight :)
  • 02/01/2013 15:36Posted by Minotaur
    More to the point, the gold spammers know this and put a load of threads up for the weekend after you've gone home and bump them. Could really do with somebody checking the boards every hour or two over the weekend.

    We actually have people dealing with reported posts over the weekend now, which is why it's super important to keep reporting them :)
  • 03/01/2013 07:59Posted by OioxFûl
    Vaneras, I have reported one guy, Ernes, for gold trade spamming 3 times during the last ½ day - nothing is being done?!

    If you have reported it we will get to it. :-)

    The speed of which we handle reports does vary though, as it depends on how many reports we have in the queue at any give time.
  • 03/01/2013 10:52Posted by st0n3
    It's funny how I once tried to sell an item in the trade section and I bumped it only twice with an interval of more than an hour and i got suspended within 5-6 hours for a week or so. Meanwhile all sorts of spammers get their posts in the top 10 section for more than a day.

    Again, the actual time it takes to deal with such things depends on a number of factors as we talked about before.

    We are very keen to stamp out bumping here in trade, but it generally only results in a suspension (unless you already have a number of previous suspensions), whereas trying to sell items or gold outside of the RMAH will result in a permanent forum ban, for sure.
  • 04/01/2013 12:13Posted by Ceriulun
    Easy fix: don't allow replies in the Trade forum. All required communication can be done in game anyways. Every reply can be abused easily and masked as "new information", friends can be asked for free bumps (masked as questions), etc. Replies will be abused as long as they are allowed.

    Well, some replies will no doubt be abused, but we keep a keen eye out for sneaky bumping.

    On the whole though, I think it would be a shame to not allow replies here on the trading forum. People often get several bids on their items here, people can discuss items and prices without the need for both parties being online at the same time etc. People also use this forum to ask for price checks, which wouldn't work with no replies.

    Also, a forum isn't much of a forum if no discussion was allowed.

    People would still find a way around things with no replies allowed though—we might see an increase in the number of re-posted duplicate threads instead, which again would count as spamming.
  • Hmmh why don't u make same kinda bumping rules as the d2jsp has?
    U are allowed to bump ONLY every 4hours ur thread
    But imo on here trading section, it would be good if u can reply only ONCE in 24hours ur own thread, if see its necessary. Meaning that u can only have one reply for ur own thread in 24hours and it have timer for the 24hours, meanwhile u cant reply before the 24hours passed :)

    But thats only my opinion and i cant make the decisions here :)

    If someone asks a question about the item just after you posted it on the forum, wouldn't it be annoying to be unable to reply until tomorrow or until you can get online, hoping that person will be online too of course?

    Aside from that specific situation, limiting people's response times in a forum is clunky and generally unhelpful. It would make the system less user-friendly, causing more problems than preventing them, IMO.
  • 05/01/2013 00:51Posted by Silkestud
    The only solution is PERMA bann gold sellers the minute they make those gold posts, that would at least keep them out of the forum... but it needs to be done pretty fast, at least faster than the paste you guys seem to be keeping....

    They are permanently banned when we get to them, which is sometimes within minutes, sometimes it takes a little longer. We've implemented filters which make life a lot harder for them and prevents people copy/pasting the links at least.

    04/01/2013 21:24Posted by DeVries
    How about you ban the obvious bots with public bnet profiles instead of wasting your time on the forums? :-) Get your priorities straight.

    I assume you're talking about in-game profiles? The community team isn't involved with taking action regarding in-game actions, we leave that part to the ones who were responsible for banning several thousand accounts for botting last month. One of our jobs here is to maintain the forums, ensuring players can use them in the way they are intended to be used, whether that's for trade, advice-giving, feedback or anything else related to Diablo III.