• Offer:

    Natalayas Reflection (Ring)

    89 Dex
    9% IAS
    438 LoH
    35% crit dmg
    166 life/sec
    4.0 % crit chance

    Looking for:

    An equivalent Zunimans Pox.
    That means:

    xx Int
    7-9% IAS (The lesser IAS the more crit. chance it must have)
    3x crit dmg (Fixed anyways)
    4.0-6.0% crit (The lesser IAS the more crit. chance I expect)
    6x% to all resistances (The more the nicer but it is not so important to me)
    3rd RND stat: As I consider LoH quite nice I'd like to have sth. good aswell, or you offer me more crit/IAS.

    Anyways bidding in Gold may start from Gold :)
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