Can we get some replies/info on a few issues, please

  • For example the patch notes read
    User Interface
    Tooltips in the Auction House will now show an item comparison for a player's currently selected character

    The only difference currently on the PTR is that items in a players inventory now show tooltips with their equipped gear. Hovering over items that are actually in the AH does not provide any comparison tooltip. There is a thread in the bug report forums and someone else asked it here earlier. Without any kind of communication or response we don't know if its a bug that it is acting like this, and the items on the AH are indeed supposed to give a comparison. Or is it working as intended now and this is the only change? We don't know.

    Also, there are a number of people reporting that the damage reduction players are supposed to receive while brawling in the Scorched Chapel isn't working. Is this intended? Is it just that it isn't on the PTR but it will be fine on live? We don't know.

    These are just 2 examples, the main reason I bring this up is because I think a lot more bugs could be nipped in the bud, rather than having to be hot fixed after the game goes live, with better communication from Blizzard's side (and the community could certainly get better as well). I know CMs and Devs can't reply to even remotely everything, but during a PTR cycle I feel like the communication should be ramped up quite a bit and especially so on matters of what is a bug and what isn't. It feels like 95% of the communication from Blizzard regarding the 1.0.8 PTR is about wanting feedback on monster density, but that isn't the only change in the patch and other things can always break too.
  • 30%/35% reduction in Scorched Chapel not working - Bug.

    Auction House comparison tooltips (with the stat comparison red/green up/down arrows) - should hopefully be added in an upcoming PTR.