Nekarat Key Warden should drop random keys

  • I don't understand why Blizzard wants to create Nekarat and then completely made him irrelevant after you got the manual from him.

    Just as someone suggested, Nekarat should have the chances to drop random key (act 1, 2, 3 key) when you beat him. At least people won't feel like gimped or robbed when they are farming at act 4.

    Also, Act 4 mob density needed to increase further. Same goes to elite amounts.
  • Yup - it's a good idea. Andrew just added this! Should be in the next PTR patch.
  • 04/11/2013 12:12 PMPosted by KirusAlufras
    wait a minute, what if I want the tome, do I now have 1/4 of a chance to get it even at mp10.

    It doesn't impact the drop chance of the plans; it's actually a bonus. :)

    (The plans can still drop even if you have them, by the way. The game currently doesn't have a way to check if you have the plans or not. That might be something we work on later, but for now it shouldn't affect you either way -- you can still farm for the plans and/or for the random keys.)