What MP is 1.04 equivalent too?

  • heard taht this patch lowers base monsters but add sthe MP so what would I increase too if I can handle 1.04 in a area?
  • The current difficulty of Act II/III* in 1.0.4 is roughly equivalent to Monster Power 2 or Monster Power 3 in 1.0.5. (Monster Power 0 is just the setting the game will default to when you first log in.)

    *Edited for clarity.
  • 09/24/2012 06:00 PMPosted by Onetwo
    Is Monster Power 0 = "No Monster Power" in the choose quest options?


    09/24/2012 06:00 PMPosted by Onetwo
    And if so, are the monster levels 61/62/63 for A1/2/3? Or even on 0 are they 63/63/63? Thanks.

    Monster Power is considered "on" once you bump it up to Monster Power 1, at which point all monsters in Inferno become level 63. "No Monster Power" means that the system is technically "off," so monster levels will remain the same and you won't get any of the scaling XP/GF/MF boosts.
  • 09/24/2012 06:29 PMPosted by wolfwing
    Must be bugged then, because MP1 the bosses tear through my char where normally it was only the rarest of the rare that could do that with my MF set.

    Are you a) playing on your witch doctor and B) using a very similar build to what's in your profile? This is just for context so I can pass on the information (though you might also want to report this in the PTR Bug Report forum).
  • 09/24/2012 06:40 PMPosted by Vulian
    I haven't logged on yet to see but does the increase to monster power increase chances for higher end ilvl's drops in Act 1 or 2?

    So, the moment you go into Inferno with any kind of Monster Power (e.g. Monster Power 1 and above), all monsters become level 63, and they can now all drop iLevel 63 items the same way that Act III and Act IV Inferno currently do. However, bumping up Monster Power beyond 1 will not further increase your chance of getting iLevel 63 items.
  • 09/25/2012 09:31 AMPosted by EddardStark
    So, I am taking from this statement that post 1.05, while running 1+ Monster Power, all monsters in all Acts become level 63 and drop iLevel 58-63 with iLevel 63 stat rolls (per patch notes). I realize that upping the MP does not change the drop rates on specific item levels, but the clause "in the same way that Act III and Act IV currently do" suggests to me that the drop rates become uniform as well, and reflect the current 3 and 4 drop rates on iLevel 61,62, and 63. Is this accurate?

    I'm pretty sure you got it. :)

    As it is currently on the PTR, for Monster Power 1 and above in Inferno, all monsters will a) become level 63 and B) share the same drop tables (for Acts I, II, III, and IV). That's exactly what I meant by "in the same way that Act III and Act IV currently do."
  • i just tried A2 with monster power 1, and i died ALOT using the same build i farm A3 with ease in 1.04.

    i highly doubt monster power 3-4 is the "normal" power of 1.04 right now as it feels.

    also funny how i can manage monster power 4-5 A1, but have the same difficulty of monster power 1-2 in A2.

    just my personal take on how the difficulties feel at the moment.

    And we really appreciate these kinds of posts! I've been reading and taking notes on all the threads about Monster Difficulty I've seen (about damage output and health) and sharing them with the development team.

    Also, since I saw a lot of questions, I went back to my initial post and clarified it further so you can get a better understanding of where MP difficulty is intended to be.
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    Hi! Sorry but can I kindly know how do we adjust the MP level? Sorry for the trouble.


    You just need to enable it first. :)
  • 09/26/2012 08:03 PMPosted by StitchRivet
    Wait a minute here!!! Are you out-right saying that the Witch Doctor is still the proverbial "Red Headed Step Child" and at a disadvantage?

    Not at all. I was asking contextual questions to get a better picture of what was happening (if someone is undergeared for a certain MP level, then they may have hard time), and just suggesting that if a specific MP level felt OVERWHELMINGLY difficult, then it's best to report that in the Bug Report so our QA team could take a look.

    In general, though, Inferno on MP1 is going to feel a little different because all the monsters will now be level 63 right from the beginning. For some players, this might make MP1 seem a little too difficult at first if you're not expecting it.