• 1.) Out of 10 characters, 1 character was missing, and only 9 active classes were copied to the test realm. It appears Public test realm deleted one of my characters. This could be due to having a character with a name "x" deleted, and then create a new character with the name "x" again. The import method from the live game treated that character name as deleted when it isn't. This bug might be test realm only. (severity: low)

    2.) Barbarian's leap with Iron Impact should have a buff indicator of how many targets were hit, like witch doctor's soul harvest skill shows up how many targets where harvested. (case: aesthetic request)

    3.) Is it normal for item Level 58 to have a level requirement of 60? Some items drop as level 58 on inferno, and the level required is 60, but then there was an instance that a level 58 dropped, and BUT the level requirement was 57 (patch 1.0.5). (severity: medium)

    4.) Reporting someone for spam returns error 45007. Just a test realm error perhaps. (severity: low)
    (I was actually trying to kick a player from a public game I joined in but cannot, since it was only two of us, and he decided to go to town and take a nap. I did not created the game).

    5.) The no monster level justified the option of not having the defense skills mandatory (The Barbarian I was using on Act III inferno and the demon hunter on act IV cleared the game with little and no trouble. The barbarian did not equip War Cry at that time [http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#aUhRQP!eZY!YZbYbc].

    Though, moving to Monster level 10, makes you kind of wish that those defense skill downgrade never happened. Though the Barbarian I was using a pure defense skills [http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#WhiVQk!beT!Ybccbc] and did not die on the first stairs in the skycrown battlements, it took a lot of pepper to bring the first mob down. The Fallen Overlord took at least 8 minutes to kill, and my life whooped down faster but saved with 'revenge' skill. As much as I recall, it was the development's goal to make the defense skills mandatory on level 0 - which is successful when the monster damage was reduced - but downgrading the defense stats was not necessary since there may be no compensation on the monster damage on level 10.
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