Too laggy & item labels

  • Sometimes the run guns just fine, with minor lag here & there.

    Then other times it's nearly unplayable. Lag so bad it causes deaths. Sometimes a few deaths before the game decides to suddenly run smoothly. Then when going into a new game, it all starts over again.

    My settings are all set to the lowest settings. Already re-installed once.

    This issue has been happening since I got D3, which was a few months ago.

    Mac Mini
    2.5GHz i5
    8 GB RAM

    Granted it's no i7, my computer shouldn't have these problems at the lowest settings.

    Also, the item label display option doesn't seem to save to what I set it to. This started happening with the last patch. Even when I change it in-game and apply the changes, the changes don't seem to take effect.

    Example: I enable "push to toggle (on/off)", but the item labels still disappear when releasing the option key. Same thing happens with "push to show" or "push to show for 10 seconds".

    I've seen others report this bug, so I'm assuming it's being worked on.
  • Hey Cruciarius,

    Can you try the steps in our Diablo III performance troubleshooting page to see if it helps with the lag?

    As far as the settings not sticking, does this happen with other settings as well, or just item labels?