game crashes

  • so today after some time I opened Diablo again, everything was OK, until I started the game (act 1) and after short time it crashed, I tried to log in again and play, but the game crashed again (I tried 4 times in total with no luck), not sure what causes it though, everything seems to be working as usualy

    btw, I am running 10.6.8 on older MacBook Pro
  • Can you provide the crash ID that is generated when the crashes occur? This will help us look into these issues.
  • 12/19/2012 11:32 PMPosted by Wesley
    As soon as Diablo is loading and start to play computer totally freezes up and totally crashes windows and all! Been doing this for past three days. Last time went into initializing crash dump and says windows recovered from serious problem. Acts like it may corrupt my hard disk. Please fix asap! Thank you! Just been trying it off and on last three days to see if better. Only got worse. Thank you for your help!!

    You will want to post in the Windows forums for assistance:

    I only have crash log files in console, can I get the ID from them?
    sorry for stupid question, I am not that much into this kind of things

    This wouldn't have an ID there. Can you re-create the crash so it can produce another ID? If not let us know and we'll see about obtaining the output you have.