Why does this game run so poorly??????????

  • I'm serious. I got the d3 beta last August and this game runs literally the exact same, ie: !@#$. I can go through every setting and see little to no effect in performance save for enabling AA, which does decrease my performance below where this game already runs. I can not get over 30 FPS for the life of me, just siting at the lobby screen looking at my character I can watch my FPS regularly go from 30 and dip down to below 10. Whenever I play in a game with 3 other geared friends we all lag because we attack so fast. I'm playing on a late 2010 MBP and some of my friends are playing on $6000.00 systems and it makes not one bit of difference, their games don't run well either.

    I played Diablo 2 for a decade and have been waiting for this game for damn near the same amount of time. I am so frustrated, disappointed and upset with the way that this game launched and has been supported by Blizzard. D2: LoD stands as one of the greatest PC games of all time, period. The game that I'm playing does not deserve to be in the Diablo franchise. It's untested, as evidenced by what a hot mess Inferno has been. Your "beta" test was nothing more than a demo, probably at the whim of Activision shareholders. Where's my weapon switch? Why is teleport, not teleport and rather just a %^-* version of Blink from WoW? I'm regularly getting caught on edges of things in the game that prevent my character from moving forward as it should. As a wizard I wonder why my Diamond Skin skill doesn't scale with my Intelligence, instead everyone has the same skill with the same value. Pretty awesome game design? Is this your first game? This game is stale and tremendously lacks the depth that made Diablo 2 fun. Stat allocation was extremely important in d2, it required and planning your gear and the use of your brain. The constant interruptions of gameplay with banal and repetitive "cinematics" is, at this point approaching infuriating. I read in a post I thin kit was last week by Bashiok saying something along the lines of "there is an esc button". I'd hazard to guess that I've had to skip 1000's of these scenes, why can we not just skip them all together. You could choose to NOT INSTALL the cinematics in Diablo 2, and they never showed up - you probably didn't even know that.

    Progression in Diablo 2 involved leveling up all the way to the ridiculous level cap of 99, in my 10+ years of Diablo 2 the highest level I ever got to was 94. In Diablo 3 all you have to do is join a game and get a quest turn in. Why are there quest turn ins for experience that can be repeated in this game? I have friends that have 5+ lvl 60 characters all with less than 3 hours played. That's pretty slick game testing and design. Way to draw upon the great source material that you had sitting in front of you in D2, instead you injected a !@#$ton of WoWism's into a game that has no need of them.

    Overall this is not the quality product I've come to expect from Blizzard but with so few people that were involved with Diablo 2 involved with Diablo 3, I think it's safe to say that the days of quality Blizzard titles is more or less over. You didn't test this game the way it should have been, period. I don't care what you say this game was and still is an untested heap. There's a lot of other bad things I could say about this game but it wouldn't do anything.

    TLDR; this game is poorly designed, and wasn't tested

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