Servers Laggy!?

  • so after this patch, my ping keeps fluctuating up past 1000! mobs just stand still for sometimes up to 10 seconds then all of a sudden all of em teleport on me and i get instadeath. its not my internet because my connection to my teamspeak keeps a solid 60 ping and doesn't budge. its on blizzard's side. Anyone else experiencing this?
  • Hey Dr, if the issue persists after awhile I would suggest that you compile the trace route and the diagnostics for the system, and then attach those to a ticket for us to review. I'll keep my eyes out for any other reports, and on this thread as well in case there's any other info you wish to provide. Thanks!
  • Okay, when you get a chance - please do send us the diagnostic information as I posted up above. We'll be happy to help you out :) Keep in mind that during our normal phone hours we also have live web chat which is prompted when a ticket is created for technical issues. Live web chat is open in the us from 10a PDT - 6p PDT.
  • Glad to know it's better :)