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Name Class Effects
CleaveBarbarianUnleash a powerful attack that deals 1737 damage to all enemies in front of you, and causes them to Bleed for 585 damage over 3 seconds. Maximum 3 charges.
Hammer of the AncientsBarbarianCall forth a massive hammer which smashes enemies in front of you for 1567 damage and shakes the earth itself, dealing 312 additional damage over 2 seconds.
LacerateBarbarianLaunch a series of attacks that deal 1239 to 1784 damage with each hit. Every third hit heals you for 15% of damage done.
SprintBarbarianIncrease your movement speed by 50% for 4.75 seconds. Upon activation, movement-impairing effects are removed.
Furious ChargeBarbarianCharge forward, knocking away all enemies in your path and dealing 1101 damage. Maximum 3 charges. Players may only be affected once every 3 seconds by this skill.
LeapBarbarianLeap to a location, dealing 880 damage to all nearby enemies where you land and reducing their movement speed by 50% for 4 seconds. Each full life enemy struck by Leap will reduce Leap's cooldown by 1 second.
Chained SpearBarbarianHurl 3 chained spears that deal 1011 damage and then return, dragging impaled enemies back to you and dealing another 252 damage.
FrenzyBarbarianLaunch a frenzied attack for 689 damage. Each hit increases Frenzy's attack speed by 8% for 3 seconds, stacking up to 5 times.
DemoralizeBarbarianRelease a ferocious shout that forces nearby monsters to attack you, deals 511 damage to all nearby enemies, and reduces their damage done by 30% for 6 seconds.
Ground StompBarbarianSmash the ground, Stunning nearby enemies for 1.5 seconds and dealing 710 damage. Charging longer increases range and Stun duration up to 3 seconds.
Undying RageBarbarianEnter a rage for 4 seconds that prevents you from dying and causes all your attacks to heal you for 30% of damage done. Undying Rage will activate automatically when you take fatal damage.
GrabBarbarianSeize a nearby enemy and wield it as a weapon. Activate again to throw the enemy, dealing 761 damage to enemies in a direction. Monsters are grabbed for 4 seconds and players for 2 seconds.
Wrath of the BerserkerBarbarianEnter a berserker rage that increases your attack speed by 50% and movement speed by 20% for 5.6 seconds.
WhirlwindBarbarianBecome a whirlwind of steel, continually striking all nearby enemies for 408 damage while moving at 70% reduced speed. Using Whirlwind slowly consumes its energy, which recovers while Whirlwind is not in use.