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Quin69 here, bringing you the most guides I have ever done for a single season. They come with a focus on 4-man group play and solo GRs for every class.


Every season, the meta develops until we find what is optimal. I will continue to update this page the these guides to always reflect what the current group meta for 4-man groups is.


Thanks to all the people who tested the guides displayed here, have shown them on the leaderboards, discussed them in the forums, and theorycrafted them. This is meant to be a resource for all those builds that makes them accessible for more players.


Special thanks to the efforts of the group around Anthony (Metaclassx) for developing the current group meta, the people helping on Twitch, d07Riv for creating d3planner and all the guys behind diablofans for their continued support!


Without no further ado, let's come to the builds I have prepared for each class.


— Quin69

Table of Contents


  Wizard         Monk           DH             WD        Barbarian    Crusader


"Flash Fire" Tal Rasha – T10 Speeds

A speedy T10 setup for wizards utilising the updated Tal Rasha set and Wand of Woh. Explosions galore! Probably the most visually appealing, if not arousing, build there is. This acn also be played with Sage's Set for more Death Breaths.


Vyr's Archon – GR Solo

A solo GR setup for fishing for the perfect rift. It is frustrating to play, but has a very high ceiling. Might fail a GR75, but then complete a GR100 with the very same gear in the next rift.


Firebird's Archon – GR Solo/Group

A solo and group GR setup based around Firebird's and Archon, that melts elites. This build can be used for EXP speed GRs in the 90s range, and was the highest ranking solo build on the PTR.


Tal Rasha's Energy Twister – GR Group

Love it or hate it, Energy Twister is here to stay for another season. It is probably the highest damage dealing build in the game right now, and will thus be used in almost every group.


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"One Punch Monk" Sunwuko's – T10 Speeds

The "One Punch Monk" has been updated to longer require all ancient gear with Legacy of Nightmares, while also getting much stronger. It still has to play around the quirks of Sunwuko's, but it might just be the fastest T10 build for open map rifts there is in the game.


"God Monk" Raiment – T10 Speeds

EPILEPSY WARNING. Infinite Dashes at up to 5 attacks per second, meaning up to 15 dashes per second. That is, if your latency is low enough to work with it. This build is flashy, and is arguably the fastest bounty build in the game, while also being a contender for the fastest T10 build on non-open map rifts.


Raiment's Generator – GR Solo

This build revolves around punching enemies. It is a generator build, and thus generators deal most of your damage. If you like attacking very fast and punching enemies, this is your build.


Inna's Generator – GR Solo

Another version of the Raiment's Generator build, with less Raiment's and more Inna's. This has way more toughness than the other build and is a little safer in Hardcore, but its damage is also arguably lower.


Uliana's Exploding Palm – GR Solo

Seven-Sided-Strike and Exploding Palm are probably the most loved Monk abilities in the game. This build combines them so that you can with one press of a button detonate lots of explosions. It's visually appealing and very strong – and probably the best solo GR build for monks.


Support Monk – GR Group

Monks can also bring a lot of damage reduction to the table. This is useful with Tal Rasha wizards, since they naturally lack damage reduction. With a support monk, you have an almost safe spot in every 4-man group that wants to go for rank 1!


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LoN Fan of Knives – GR Solo

This build is probably the build with the highest skill ceiling to date. It is based around staying at low health, and nothing for people with heart issues. It features a highly mobile playstyle with a nuke-like ability that can eradicate an entire screens worth of enemies when used correctly. This will probably end up being the top solo GR builds for Demon Hunters.


Support Demon Hunter – GR Group

Demon Hunters can also play support. People say it can compete with Support Witch Doctors, however, that makes no sense mathematically. If you are playing with your friends and do not care for rank 1, this is a fun build to pick up and support your group with.


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Support Witch Doctor – GR Solo

Support Witch Doctors are the build in the game bringing the most damage amplification that any build in the game can give. They have a spot reserved in almost every group playing very high GRs, but they are also not the most mobile. This is a very easy build to play.


Helltooth Gargantuan – GR Solo

A pure pet build for once. It's been a while since we've had that, and now it is most likely going to be the top solo build for Witch Doctors. It revolves around Gargantuan and Short Man's Finger, and deals an absolutely insane amount of passive damage while you mostly stand around.


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Support Barbarian – GR Group

Support Barbarians are in every 4-man group. There is nothing to argue about this, and the only thing that can replace them is another Support Barbarian setup. They can give the whole group immunity to crowd control and also do the best pulls in the game.


Hybrid LoN Frenzy/Support Barbarian – GR Group

This is the late game contender for Support Barbarians, a build based around Thorns damage and very high attack speed. This build is very hard to gear for, very hard to play properly without macro usage, but brings the abilities of a Support Barbarian and can also deal a decent amount of single target damage.


Furious Charge IK/Raekors – GR Solo

The Barbarians go-to build for solo play. Features charging enemies and tossing boulders at them. Awesome build that can at times also be very frustrating to play.


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LoN Bombardment – T10 Solo

Crusader is all about Legacy of Nightmares and Thorns. This is a setup created so you can kill your enemies by riding through them, and killing elites by dropping Barrels of Spikes on them. This build is very fast and visually appealing.


LoN Bombardment – GR Solo/Group

The same build as above, except less random, but more timed with Convention of Elements. If you like timing your attacks and buffs, this is your build! It can be used in both solo and group play (although not as good as Wizards), and features a very unique playstyle.


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