Diablo IV Short Story: “Teeth of the Plague” by Z Brewer

Diablo IV Short Story: “Teeth of the Plague” by Z Brewer

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Sanctuary is a volatile place—danger lurks at every turn and Lilith’s reappearance has ushered in a new era of hardships for those unfortunate enough to call these lands home. While its denizens may not have much in the way of material goods, they make up for it with rich stories to tell.

The Tales of Sanctuary is a collection of free-to-read Diablo IV short stories introducing a cast of new characters, with a few familiar faces sprinkled in. The fourth and final entry into this series is “Teeth of the Plague” by Z Brewer and can be read below.

“Teeth of the Plague” by Z Brewer


Tejal tells the tale of a holdfast infested with plague-carrying rats, and Kirek, the man tasked with removing them. In his years of dealing with the vermin, Kirek has done many foul and unspeakable deeds, but it seems the end is in sight. That is, until he stumbles upon a creature lurking in the dark—a creature said to have the soul of a thousand vermin, seeking the blood of its betrayer...


Read “Teeth of the Plague” by Z Brewer now!


The Tales of Sanctuary have Concluded

“Teeth of the Plague” is our final entry in the Tales of Sanctuary collection. Recall former tales in Tejal’s personal story Witness, the story of the vengeful Klath-Ulna in The Toll of Darkness and Light, and the journey of the Iolaynah in Sanctum of Bone. Though the Tales of Sanctuary have concluded, you never know what whispers you might hear while gazing upon Tejal’s illustrious wares.

Teleport to Tejal’s Shop

After basking in Tejal’s storytelling, browse the artifacts in her possession by visiting the in-game Shop—you might even walk away with a story of your own to tell. Her wares are not for free—Tejal only trades her trinkets and curios for Platinum.



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