The Diablo 4 Interactive Map - Mobile Friendly!

The Diablo 4 Interactive Map - Mobile Friendly!

With such a big world of Sanctuary open to you in Diablo 4, it can sometimes be hard to find what you need. So here for everyone needing a little help finding that Altar of Lillith or that particular Dungeon with that one Aspect you need, the Diablo 4 Interactive Map, by DiabloFans.

Map Details

The map is not hard to understand, but to help out we have made a small overview of how it works.



  • You can find the Map under the "Diablo 4" drop down in the navbar, as well as linked in this article.
  • The left side of the map there are + and - signs to zoom in and out on the map.
  • A square icon to make the map full screen.
  • On the right side of the map there is a layer icon, which opens a small drop down with checkmark options for the various things marked on the map to show.
  • Search function on the right side that allows you to search by name for waypoints, cellars, dungeons and Aspects!


Click for larger version of image!

The Future

But wait, that's not all and this project is not fully finished quite yet. The plan is to add World Bosses, Quests, filters by class, and allowing hiding of things already found! Those things will need some more work, but we intend to have them done when time allows.





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